Since you chose to devote time to reading these lines, we are convinced that you are looking for a recommended website building company.

Hence, you may have already been exposed to quite a few guides who shared with you tips and highlights for finding a recommended, professional and reliable company.

However, have you come across those who delve into the issue of coordinating expectations?

In our opinion, building a website – image or sales, depends on three main things: in-depth characterization of need, coordination of expectations and a professional and recommended company. We at NPCoding are happy to go deeper for you in one of the most important steps on the way: the stage of coordinating expectations!

The importance of coordinating expectations with a recommended web development company

It is possible that at this stage the question crosses your mind: “What is the importance of coordinating expectations, and does it justify the time that must be invested in it?”.

The answer to the second part of the question is of course! And the answer to the first part? We will detail it to you now.

Coordination of expectations has a clear overriding purpose: to ensure a harmonious synchronization between what you wish for and what will actually happen. And what does it mean?

We do not believe in a work model where we make decisions for you. And why? In a model where we implement your decisions by building a website that meets your expectations and your needs!

Please note that characterizing a need and coordinating expectations are two different things, as we dwell on both:

  • Characterization of need – an understanding of what you need, what you hope for and what is right for you (“So what does the perfect website look like in your imagination?”). The characterization of the need is mainly based on asking guiding questions, where thanks to your answers we can assess what the right solutions are for you. For example: at this stage it is determined whether the right website for you is image or sales, how many pages the website will be based on, which design templates might compliment it and so on.
  • Coordination of expectations – mutual presentation of conditions/requests of yours and ours – a recommended website building company, when the goal is to reach an agreement about them, and base the project on them. For example: the resources required to set up the website – how much it will cost you and how long it will take us.

Who is mainly served by the stage of coordinating expectations?

Coordination of expectations does not favor one party, but each of the parties – a recommended website building company and the client who wants to build a website, come out equally rewarded:

  • The client – receives an estimate in advance regarding the schedules, the costs involved in building the site, the professional solutions that are expected to be reflected on the site, and so on. Complete transparency blurs the uncertainty, and inevitably contributes to higher satisfaction.
  • The website construction company – the executing company can work more efficiently, since the coordination of expectations prevents any chance of “ping-pong”. Coordinating expectations in advance ensures punctuality, and sometimes even the delivery of the product (in this case – a website), earlier than planned.

Coordination of mutual expectations is based on the principle of “cooperation”, and in our opinion is critical when it comes to building a website. We advocate for your high involvement throughout all stages of the process – from the initial characterization to providing feedback on the fly.

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