In our opinion, user experience is shaped by three main things: meaningful value, usability and visibility. The weight of the parameters is equal, when one complements and balances the other.

Hence, the presence of each of them in your application is of great importance. About – you will worry.

Usability and visibility? Under our full responsibility, in which we will invest all our resources in the mobile application design process!

So why should you even invest in designing your app?

We are convinced that your application is expected to provide great value to users. However, don’t be mistaken for a moment: value that is not packaged in an appropriate design (visibility + usability) may be worthless, since there is a direct connection between the design of the application and the user experience.

We emphasize this for a simple reason: an application characterized by impressive visibility and ease of use will encourage the return of users. In the event that the application suffers from “design neglect”, it would not be unreasonable for the users to remove it from the device, slander it to their friends and rate it accordingly.

How do you start designing mobile apps?

Can’t wait for your app to be available in the app stores? We understand you! However, in order for this to happen, one must first invest in its development and design.

Here is a brief explanation of the three necessary things for designing the app – budget, designer and characterization of the audience:

  • Budget for design – We are often asked the question: “How much will it cost me to design an app?”. It’s not that we don’t understand why the question is asked, but it’s a bit complicated to answer. This question is largely similar to the question: “How much does it cost to design a house?”. It is understood that there is a wide range of solutions and options, and the higher the budget, the more impressive and high-quality a result can be achieved. Therefore, we suggest you set a budget for the entire project – the development and design of the application. Depending on the budget you want to invest, you will be offered solutions that suit it.
  • Talented app designer – spaces designed by interior designers / home decorators. And apps? by app designers. Naturally, the more you choose a talented, experienced and skilled designer, the more impressive your application will be based on accurate characterization (!). We invite you to enter the “Projects” tab here on our website, and be impressed by the applications designed by our talented designers.
  • Who is expected to use the application? – With your permission, we will continue with the example of the home design. When it comes to designing your home-private space, the only thing that guides you is your personal preferences. However, with mobile app design you need to think about the preferences of the users. Each application has a defined and specific target audience, where the design has to be adapted to it precisely – from the number of windows, the font size to the dominant color in the application

Now that you know a little more about the importance of app design, all you have to do is contact us.

We at NPCoding provide you with a full-quality solution under one roof: app development alongside mobile app design. For more details, call – 077-500-3028

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