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About Us

We are a family technology company. Noam Penn and Maya Lee Penn.

Noam has over 15 years of experience in the field of development and entrepreneurship, and Maya has two degrees. A communication and management BA and an MBA with a specialization in finance.

We Develop Apps & Websites That People Love To Use!

When you do what you love, it’s not working it’s just doing . Therefore, each customer always receives personal attention and an immediate response from us. So much so that we never stop until we get what we need in order to promote the project in the fastest and best way. (You have been warned).

The combination of Noam’s perfectionism and Maya’s hyperactivity allowed our company to grow and expand our family with more and more satisfied customers. Among our customers you can see a variety of leading companies in the economy such as Zer Four You, Yifat Company, Ambin, Keshri Gal Yam, Paz Gas and more. 

At the same time, We don’t like to show off so you are welcome to read what our customers say about us.

Let’s develop apps & websites together that people love to use!

Our Work Process

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Our clients

A website development software house

The development of our websites is customized made. Every process starts with precise characterization, designs and then development. The whole project is accompanied by a close and available project manager.

A website building company

NPCoding has been specializing in building websites for over a decade. Our main emphasis is to build websites from the point of view of the site visitors and thus turn them into customers.

Application development company

NPCoding has been developing apps that people love to use for over a decade. It is important to remember that in order to make an app profitable you need to take care of bringing in a very large amount of users.

A website development company

NPCoding is a technology company for website development that people love to use. Each process begins with accurate characterization, designs and then development. Along the way you are accompanied by a project manager who is available for you for any questions.