Many times an entrepreneur begins his startup with an idea for building an app. Sometimes, when we have a good idea, we fall in love with it and want to start right away, full speed ahead. It’s important to understand that not every idea must be developed right away in all platforms. Many times, we advise our clients to start development in one platform language such as iOS or Android or even start with a basic development and add an additional development in the future.

What is the difference between developing Native (Android or iOS) or Cross Platform?

1. Development Time – When we choose to develop native we must be aware that the developing time is longer because we need to develop two separate apps:  one version for iOS (Apple) and another for Android. On the other hand, when we develop cross platform, the developing time is shorter because we develop only once for two platforms.

2. Cost – When we develop native, the cost is higher because we are developing two separate versions. Usually, the cost of developing cross platform will be about 20% less expensive.

3. Updates – When we develop native we are developing two separate platforms. Since it’s well known that Google and Apple like to be updated, developing native allows us to control the update independently. Basically, it means that if Apple decides to do an update, all I need to do now is update the iOS app. Consequently, if Google decides to update a few months later, only then will I need to update my Android version. On the other hand, if we develop cross platform an update must be done each time for both platforms.

4. App Features – If the app has features that are complex we will always, always, and another always prefer to develop native.  If the app is in the gaming world or if an SDK is needed,  it’s better to develop it in native.

5. The Community – The native community is bigger than the cross platform community. Why is this important? Because if you have a problem with the development, it’s easier to find a solution and, in developing time, this is very important.

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