Building an App Vs Building a Website

In today’s world, so many of our interactions are done on our phone. There could be countless number of reasons for us to use our phones:  being bored while waiting at the doctor’s office, reading an ebook on the bus, checking our bank account or our emails to see if we received that quote for which we’ve been waiting . That’s why when we build a new project we must plan that the UI/UX is suitable for a mobile app.

Developing an app usually costs much more than developing a website. For this reason before we begin, it’s worth checking whether the development of an app is really necessary.

How will you know whether you need to develop an App for your business?

That answer may depend on one or more of the following:

1. If you want to develop a social app

2. If you want to develop a location-based user app

3. If you need an Immediate response

4. If you need to get traffic from other apps

5. If you need the users to upload photos right away

What is the advantage of developing an app for you business?

1. Once you have convinced your user to download your app, it’s on his phone and you won’t need to worry about promoting it all the time.

2. Unlike a website, an app allows us to send a push notification in a way that is fast and user friendly. For example: if you have an online shopping site and you still have some stock left, you can send a push notification from your app and bring traffic onto your website.

3. It is faster to upload information from the server to the app.

4. It is possible to add many special features such as taking a picture or finger print, finding a location, sharing with other apps etc.

What are the correct steps for building a successful app? 

1. Idea- First of all,  we say our idea out loud. Then we “brain storm” about it with people we can trust and who understand the field. Lastly, we check the market to see if there are apps which are similar to our idea.

2. Characterization- The main point of the characterization stage is planning ahead. Many people don’t really understand how important this stage is. To make a long story short, if you start developing your app with an incomplete characterization or one lacking in detail, you could find yourself spending a lot more money than what you had originally planned. The analogy that we like to give is building a house. Just as one wouldn’t start building a house without the correct plans such as electricity, plumbing and design, one shouldn’t start building an app without the necessary preparation.

3. Time and cost frame- Once you have a complete characterization, you have the base to start your project including the plans for the app screens and features. Now, you will be able to get an accurate price estimate and time line.

If you would like to know how much your app is going to cost, you can go into our project estimator to get a price estimate.

4. Starting the Design and Development- After you have a characterization, you can start designing and developing your app. Remember developing an app can cost a few thousand dollars, but most apps don’t cost the user anything. That’s why you must choose a company that will know how to bring in active users to you app. 

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