You can see that the whole field of influencers both in Israel and in the world is a field that is in crazy growth. The corona has definitely given push to many existing influencers to increase their audience and also of course the growth of new influencers.

Why did this actually happen? Because during the closures many people sat at home and started uploading interesting or funny content. Each according to his skills and abilities of course. For example: many food influencers have significantly increased their followers.

How did it actually happen? During the lockdowns people sat at home and for some people the kitchen was a foreign world and they were looking for how to learn to enter this world and if in the past, when we were looking to learn to cook we would go to grandma’s or a cookbook today, everything has gone digital and people are looking for solutions and tips on the various networks.

The big advantage is that if you have a website in the food field it is worth creating a campaign with influencers. You can for example: send them a kit with all your fruit and vegetable produce and they will be able to make a “meal” with the ingredients. This situation is Win Win because they get quality goods to work with and create content for their audience and you will of course get authentic advertising and the likelihood that the audience will want to buy from you is much greater. In addition, if you have a sales site in the food field, keep in mind that this field is very visual, so it is important to make sure that the product you pass on to the influencer and of course to the customers who will buy from you in the future is of high quality.

In general, if you have an online store, you should promote it. Every business owner knows that building a good and popular website is the foundation. It is of course important to clarify that building a website is a very important part, because of course we would not want to worry about investing in marketing and promotion budgets to bring traffic to our website and then suddenly, God forbid, the website is slow or stuck.

Marketing through influencers actually allows us to bring a quality and relevant audience to our business. Let’s say for example you have a business that sells baby carriers, then you will want to find influencers young mothers who can introduce your product to their audience or alternatively it will be possible to find an influencer whose followers are the same mothers, let’s say a parenting guide or a sleep consultant whose entire audience is young mothers who are discouraged by the difficulty of newborns and are searching online Relevant tips for ways to make it easier.

How can you know if your influencer campaign can be effective?

So in order to produce an effective campaign, first of all it is important that you have a tool that can analyze the influencer you want to work with, what does that mean? Before you start an influencer campaign it is important that you see who the audience is behind that influencer. Is this audience even in the areas you want to advertise to? For example: there may be an influencer in a certain field who will launch in Israel but his audience will generally be from abroad and then if you want to market to the State of Israel then it is likely that after an accurate analysis you will realize that he or she is not accurate to take part in the campaign.

Additionally, you’ll want to know what engagement rates and how many of that person’s followers are real. Because let’s say a certain person has X followers and half of them are not a real audience, so at least that way you will know in advance that if you spend 10,000 NIS on a campaign, then 5,000 of it goes to waste. In this way, you can determine the level of the campaign and its effectiveness.

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