A virtual store – no matter how luxurious and invested it may be, needs one specific thing in order to fulfill its mission and reach as many enthusiastic buyers as possible: promotion of a virtual store on Google – accurate and consistent. We at NPCoding are happy to share with you, those who dream of establishing an online trading store, everything that is important to know about its promotion after its establishment.

Promoting a virtual store on Google – what does it mean and how do you get started?

A nice way to explain what promotion is and why it is so important is with the presentation of the following example: when a business owner opens a new store in the city center, he advertises in local newspapers, distributes flyers (yes, this still happens) and harnesses his friends and family to the marketing and PR efforts. The goal To raise awareness of it and to attract buyers. Even (and especially) when setting up a digital store, an investment in marketing and advertising is required when the goal is the same: to inform the audience about its opening.

Online, of course, it works a little differently, when the most effective method for creating quality exposure is promotion in the Google search engine. Promotion of a virtual store on Google is based on two methods:

* Organic promotion – promotion with the aim of placing the site as high as possible in the search results, without paying directly to Google for advertising
* Sponsored promotion – a “shortcut” to the top of the search results, with the creation of a campaign and payment directly to Google

And how do you start this big thing called store promotion?

* Objectives – shop owners sometimes operate on a vending machine: the shop needs to be promoted, so they promote. In practice, it is important to set goals – for the short and long term, and understand what you want to achieve from the promotion at each stage. A goal can be X breakdowns per day/week/month, certain conversion percentages, improving the ranking in Google and so on. The goals are of course flexible and can be changed by you (almost) at any stage

* Advertising budget – When you calculate the expenses of setting up the store and operating it, include in your expense account also a budget for promoting a virtual store on Google. Promotion of a store is not based on a one-time action (“I promoted, that’s it!”), but on a long-term strategy whose implementation is conditional on renewed financial investment. So how much would you like to invest?

* A promotion company with “receipts” – and how will you conquer your goals? With a partnership with a recommended and reliable web promotion company that specifically specializes in store promotion. This is the place to emphasize that an online store is a slightly different “type” compared to image sites for example, so it is important to make sure in advance that the promoter/promotion company is experienced in this specific niche.

“I plan to set up a small store that sells one product. Is Google promotion relevant to me as well?”

The size of the store (when the size is defined by the variety of products offered for sale), should not be a consideration for a simple reason: even if you sell one product or two hundred products, your goal is to sell. Hence, the recommendation for anyone who sets up a virtual store, to allocate a monthly budget for promotion in the Google search engine.

In conclusion, if you are currently planning to set up a commercial store, remember that buyers, sales and profits are mainly dependent on formulating and implementing a strategy for promoting a virtual store on Google. Successfully!

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