When your finger slides left and right on the smartphone touch screen, you get to see dozens of apps in front of your eyes. Some of them, we assume, have significantly improved the quality of your life. Despite the amazement that overwhelms you while using it, you cannot ignore the fact that you are missing one essential thing on the home screen: the application that you want to develop and distribute to the world!

So how do you develop an app? Don’t worry, we are not going to bore you with a technical guide that will provide you with a glimpse into the work of the technicians. And what is it? To share with you some things that should be considered before, during and after the development of the application.

Before developing the app: budget, value and platform

You may have delved into the question of how to develop an application more than once. And us? Happy to answer her once and for all! In the first step, even before you contact a development company, you must define three main things for yourself:

* Budget – How much money do you have for the development of the application? The budget is necessary (!) because on its basis a prioritization will be created that will determine what is more and less important in your application
* Value – How is your app expected to change the world? Or in other words: what is the value you want to give to users? The value can be a good time in an exciting game that develops thinking, to reducing stress through a meditation app
* Platform – Applications can be developed based on two approaches: NATIVE or hybrid. In the end, the question you have to ask yourself in order to make a decision is: “Do I want to reach audiences that use iPhones, Android devices or all users?”


During application development: focus on user experience

At this stage the responsibility is in the hands of the development company. It can be safely said that you don’t have too much to do at this stage, since it focuses on the technical-operational implementation of the solutions received together with you. How do you develop an app? Among other things, on the basis of giving tremendous importance to the subject of user experience. The company that will develop it for you is expected to constantly think about the button, the font, the menu, the window and the specific color tone (yes, they also go down to these resolutions) that may contribute to your user’s experience.

Application development is a “breathing” and dynamic thing, which means that certain decisions are also made in real time. Therefore, it is very important that you be available to the development team who may contact you to get the green light to make changes, to discuss certain solutions with you, and so on.

After the development of the application: marketing, marketing and once more marketing

“Putting” the app on a shelf in the app store probably won’t yield too many downloads. In order for visitors to be interested, rate and recommend it, they need to be aware of it. And where are we rowing? You must invest in marketing and promotion – before and after its launch: this can be through a promotional video, Google and Facebook campaigns and distribution through newsletters.

So how do you develop an app? Another correct answer to this question is with NPCoding! We specialize in building apps that provide users with a wonderful user experience! For more information about the nature and course of our work, call now 077-500-3028

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