“The first thing you will have to decide about is the type of application: web or mobile” – if you have already been interested in developing an application (and maybe you even already own one), this sentence must sound familiar to you. For each of the types – web and mobile, there are unique characteristics, where each type should meet a specific need, provide a different value and sometimes even serve different audiences. Although web and mobile applications differ from each other in many (!) things, they also share a significant thing: their success is inevitably conditioned by an excellent user experience.

At NPCoding we develop web and mobile applications, where in every development project we invest all the resources required for an excellent user experience. In case you are wondering: “How critical is the user experience?”, here is the answer.

Don’t stop memorizing: User Experience

“What do I need to do to make my app successful?” – There is no business owner or entrepreneur who does not ask himself or us this question. It is clear to everyone (including those who ask it), that there is no unequivocal answer, nor is there a sheet of formulas that can be relied on. What can be said with confidence is that the user experience is necessary for the success of web applications. without her? The application will inevitably fail. So what is user experience anyway?

Try to remember a specific time when you really enjoyed a train ride – in Israel or abroad. Although we didn’t sit next to you or share a carriage with you, we can imagine what made you enjoy the ride: the train arrived on time, the ride was smooth and without sudden stops, the passengers were polite and quiet , you had a free seat and the air conditioner was at the exact temperature. In short? You had a wonderful travel experience that was shaped by a multitude of factors.

And back to web applications: the entry of users into the application is intended for the purpose of performing an action (for example: entering attendance hours) or simply to serve a certain need (for example: to relieve boredom in a game). From the moment they enter the application until the moment they leave it, the experience we are talking about is shaped for it. Hence, every second there are many (!) factors involved in it and influencing it.

How is user experience reflected in web applications?

It can be said that the “responsibility” for creating a good experience is entrusted to the team that works on the development of the application – from the graphic designers to the programmers. So how can you control and “design” a good experience? Among other things, with an emphasis on the following:
* Easy orientation in the application, with an emphasis on simple operation (a surfer who does not understand within seconds “how things work”, will crown the application as unfriendly and abandon it)
* Design and aesthetics – attractive and pleasant
* Making reliable and valuable content accessible to the visitor

“Is web app development cheaper compared to a mobile app?”

We invite you to receive a personal quote for the application you want us to open for you: click on “project estimator” and immediately on “Web& Mobile projects”. You will immediately reach the page where you will be given the option to say the type of platform (web), the required/preferred web technology, the number of pages, the functions you will need and so on.

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