App development depends on three main things: an idea for a product (app), a budget and a development company. Sometimes, there are businesses/entrepreneurs who are sure that an idea for an application is sufficient and justifies the immediate transition to the development phase. In practice, it doesn’t really work that way. The development stage is the final stage, in which your ideas are translated into an off-the-shelf product – an app in the app store. It is preceded by a number of different stages, including the writing of a characterization document and two studies of great significance: competitor research and user research. Quality, professional and thorough research will provide you with valuable information!

So just before you embark on the fascinating and exciting journey of app development, know the importance of competitor research and user research.

“Why are my competitors even relevant to my app development?”

One option available to you is to completely ignore the fact that you have competitors. Another possibility is not only to recognize the fact that there are competitors, but to really know them. Of course, you don’t need to research every competitor in the market, but those who may provide you with valuable information. So why would you even want to research the competition? For one simple reason: getting to know your competitors will inevitably allow you to develop a better product.

An in-depth and thorough acquaintance with the competitors establishes for you the conditions for 2 main things:

– Finding product-business differentiation in order to stand out in the competitive market. An example of differentiation: you discovered that your competitors condition the use of the application for a fee. You – you can offer it for free (even if for a short period), thus attracting users to you. Your differentiation: free use!

– Identifying the competitors’ “weaknesses”, with the aim of developing an improved product. That is, try to hunt for “flaws” in the experience of use / the value that the product seeks to provide, so that the product you develop will be “clean” of these flaws – more advanced and relevant to the user audience. Repeat the mistakes of competitors? This is a possibility. avoid them? A much better option!

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You don’t need to know the competitors, just “use” them

Getting to know each other in this case is not conditional on a face-to-face meeting, a handshake and a cup of coffee. The simplest way to get to know competitors is to download their app. Experiencing the application will expose you to their world: the choices they made, their brand language, the main value they provide, the design and interface, and more.

User research before app development – what does it mean and who needs it?

The last thing you want is for your app to sit on the shelf in the app store. What would you like? that users will download it, enjoy it, rate it and encourage their friends to use it. Hence, user research is a critical and essential step in the application development process – for every business and application owner.

In order to know who your user is (that is, who is the app for?), you need to conduct user research. When you know who the target user is, you can develop and design the application according to his needs, wishes and expectations. Your decisions – in the phase of formulating the ideas and certainly in the development, will be designed and accepted according to the “user persona” you will formulate. Here is an example of a persona: male, 33 years old, single, has an academic education, works in high-tech, lives in Israel (continent of Asia), lives in Tel Aviv and loves extreme sports.

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