Mobile and web apps feel like twins but in fact they are not always the same. So what really is the difference between them?

The mobile application, as it is called, can be downloaded in the various stores and used only on our mobile phone.

A web application, on the other hand, is an application system that can be used on the Internet.

So first of all, if you want to develop an app, you must first decide what type of app you want to go for. We assume that if you have come to us, then you are looking for a company that can become a partner on your path and help you get to the next level.

The web application development process works similarly to all development processes in our company. And here too, in order to develop a system that will go viral among people, you must put a lot of emphasis on the small details and be precise all the way. The initial stage of the process is the definition of an accurate characterization process, designs and only after the closure of the above two stages do the development stage begin.

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