Everyone who has a start-up today understands the level of complexity of the matter. Raising investments today is a very complex process, in contrast to the time when it was possible to raise funds based on ideas today, investors really want to see products. From our experience in establishing a start-up and even recruiting investors, we decided to establish a service that provides the initial shell to business owners who want to establish a start-up and access the fundraising process.

So what does the service actually include?

  • Characterization – creating a characterization document for the project, the document will be a general document detailing the screens, the features that each screen will contain and the flow of the product.
  • Architecture planning for the project
  • Sketches and designs for the product
  • Marketing plan – to know how to prepare for the day after
  • Presentation and presentation to investors – to gain trust among investors and make them want to be part of the project
  • 2-4 meetings to understand the project and get started

Extra services