If you have reached here, it means that you want to take your business to the next level and build an corporate website for it. Many think that a website should only be a  business card. This thinking causes many businesses to consider their website from their point of view. That explain only about the company, about their experience, etc. A corporate site  is similar to an eCommerce site and it is suppose to sell!

The website should be designed from the point of view of the site visitors, to give them the added value that we can contribute to their business and thus actually turn the visitors into customers.

The process of building an corporate website in our company is done from the perspective of the site visitors. What does this meant? When we start a characterization process with a client, we understand who the target audience is and accordingly plan the website from their point of view. After the characterization phase, we make customized designs for that target audience and only finally go to the development phase.

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