Google Analytics is a service that tracks and reports website traffic allowing you to understand the statistics about the visitors on your website.

Why is this really important?

With Google Analytics, you are not only able to keep track of the number of visitors, you also get relevant statistics and important information about them.

What can you see on Google Analytics?

  • The number of visitors on the site each day
  • The total number of pages that have been viewed
  • The average number of pages viewed by the site visitor
  • The average time spent on the site
  • The number of sessions (i.e. how many total visitors and how many of them have returned)
  • The bounce rate and the percentage of new visitors versus the percentage of returned visitors

Furthermore, if you enter the advanced section of Google Analytics, you can view the geographical area of your visitors, the language they use and see if they are accessing your website from a Desktop or Mobile device etc.

The purpose of this analysis is to allow you to understand important characteristics of the majority of your users so that you can direct them to your site. For example, if most of your users browse from their cell phones, it would be beneficial to optimize the site for mobile compatibility.

In addition, if you understand the demographics of your users, such as gender, age and interests, you can advertise specific content to your target audience.