You probably won’t find an unequivocal answer or “magic formula” to the question “How to sell more?” And what is it? A number of things that may directly affect the volume of your sales. And we are in NPCoding? The first to share them with you!

How do you increase sales? We have the answer!

For the goal of “increasing sales”, you have to match a strategy based on a variety of different actions – inside and outside the site. Here are things that have a huge impact on the customer’s experience and motivation to purchase:
* Correct and convenient website structure – When we are asked: “But what does a friendly and convenient website mean?”, we answer simply: a structure that guarantees that even a person who has never purchased in an online store will be able to find what he is looking for in a few seconds. The way the store is built (for that matter: arranged), directly affects the surfer’s experience. For example: if your store focuses on fashion for the whole family, then it would not be correct to “scatter” the items under one tab – “clothes for the whole family”, but in several tabs. For example: men, women, children. Under these categories: pants, shirts, jerseys, jackets, home clothes and so on. The accuracy of the categories = correct and user-friendly site structure = quick response to the customer = shopping experience = purchase.

* The speed of browsing in the store – not only the quality of the service is important, but also the speed of the service! In 2022 surfers will not waste their time in parking lots where moving between sections (pages) takes many seconds. Your store must meet a high standard of speed, and remember that speed = experience. When the best experience? Surfers reach the checkout stage, the conversion ratio is maintained/increased and you – earn.

* Photos, videos and product descriptions – the chance that visitor will buy from you based on a textual description only, zero! In the online store, you must invest in as much visual content as possible – videos and photos, which will illustrate to the surfer the product he is expected to receive at home. Does your store specialize in garden furniture? Guaranteed that every product page of every piece of furniture – from the table to the hammock, includes photos from several angles, a video and also a specification of measurements, materials, and the like.

* Fast delivery – it is impossible to talk about methods to increase sales, without talking about delivery times. Surfers who purchase online, can’t wait to receive their order! Hence, the closer you deliver the packages to the order, the higher the chance that they will choose and buy from you. Indeed, there are stores – Israeli and foreign – that guarantee delivery from today to today / from today to tomorrow / from today to another 48 hours.

* Newsletters – let’s not forget marketing either: the more you publish, the more awareness of your store will rise. Of course, there are many (!) ways to market the store, one of which is newsletters. Let your customers know about hot deals, offer them personalized offers and remember to congratulate them on their birthday (and also pamper them with a special benefit for this day). Building a mailing list isn’t necessarily easy, but it will become simpler when you offer a redeemable benefit in exchange for signing up. For example: “10% on the first purchase for those who subscribe to our newsletter!”

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