In Israel, the field of law is a very sought-after field. We can see every year a growth in the amount of lawyers entering the market. At the same time, lawyers, like accountants, have various publication restrictions.

The combination of the requested profession together with the difficulty of marketing your firm correctly may lead some lawyers to think that they do not need a website. At the same time, it is a mistake the struggle to bring a new customer, as in any competitive field is very difficult and the solution of going digital is a solution that can be very effective.

What are the highlights that are important to pay attention to when building a website for a lawyer?

1. Field of specialization – As you know, the field of law is a wide and diverse field. There can be a lawyer who specializes in family law, another firm specializes in criminal and the other in labor law, or alternatively, there can be a law firm that has several partners, each one of whom has a different area of ​​specialization and the firm as a firm provides the variety of solutions. If your office or you have several specializations, it is important that this is reflected in your website.

2. Explanation of the office staff – if you are a large company then it is very important to have an area on the website that highlights and tells a few words about each of the staff. Since law practice has the name of a somewhat alienated field, it is even advisable to hold a short photo day for the entire office staff and make a nice and respectable face picture that will appear on the website. People end up doing business with people and they want to know who the faces and people are who lead the office. If you are a smaller firm of one attorney, then invest in a photography day and take a beautiful, high-quality photo that explains who you are.

3. Blog – since a lawyer’s website cannot have a direct call to action and cannot openly sell your service. Therefore, it is important that you provide value within the website, publish articles that explain things. For example: if you are family lawyers, you can write An article on your website about the damage that a dirty divorce does or why it is important to have joint custody during a divorce. Through the articles, people who read you will also understand your approach, if you are lawyers who believe in the way of mediation and to create a pleasant and good divorce, then those who are looking to divorce in a nice way and without fights will understand who you are. And he will choose you. Of course, a person who is looking for a “bulldozer” and wants to enter the courts now and take revenge on his or her spouse will then choose to go to a lawyer who expresses himself in a different way.

4. Clear and clean designs – it is important that your website is clean and clear without things that jump into the eye. It is important that the person who enters the site feels confident, connects with you and wants to hire your services.

5. Establishing contact – the method of establishing contact and coordinating the meeting should be clear. It is true that a lawyer is not allowed to write on his website “come buy from me” but after you have given value, explained who you are and what you are about, it is important that the surfer who connected to you feels at the end of all this content “Okay, I feel comfortable, I want to call” and then he can simply and easily click on button and contact you.

6. Promotion – It is recommended that you contact a website building company that can also give you the solution in terms of promotion. When you decide to set up a website, check if the company you are contacting knows the legal restrictions on attorneys and, of course, ask if they provide promotion services. Even if you don’t necessarily choose them, it is important to make sure that they know how to build a website that is optimized for promotion, and at the end of the process you can go on your marketing path .

How much will it cost to build a website?

How much will it cost to build a website? This is a question that should be made up of the amount of your content pages and the level of functional complexity you want to achieve on the website.

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