Whether you are a large or small business, a website is something that is something you must you have and if you sell products of any kind then building an online store in particular is something that you should start thinking about and investing in. The entire online world is a field that is leaping significantly and there is no doubt that during the corona virus when most businesses were closed, the online field leapt significantly.

As business owners and stores in particular, our main goal is always to increase turnover and sell more products. There are several points to pay attention to when choosing a website building company.

One of the main questions that arise is when is the ideal time to build a website?

As we mentioned during the Corona period, most of the businesses that didn’t worry about building an online store decided to set up one, and those who haven’t set one up should do so in the near future. It should be noted that even the older population that had a technological barrier to online purchases during the Corona period have already begun to purchase, and if your website is built in a user-friendly way, there is no reason why you cannot increase sales among this population as well.

It is important to remember that in the digital world, as we are expanding, many others are expanding, so it seems that the competition in the digital arena is becoming complex. Therefore, it is important to know and plan how we create differentiation in our store. For example: before building a virtual store, we analyze our customers’ business. We understand the audience they are targeting, what sets their products apart from the competition and build their digital store accordingly.

So how can you set up a unique online store and stand out from the competition?

1. Characterization – When it comes to building an online store, it is important to understand who your audience is and accordingly plan the store both technically and strategically. For example: if your audience is mothers aged X, it is important to plan the store from their point of view so that it “speaks” to them.

2. Prominent and clear menus – after you have defined the characterization and analyzed the business strategy, it is important to produce clear menus. That is, a user must understand what you sell. Don’t try to be clever in determining the names if you sell garden suits just call the category by its name.

3. Focus, focus focus – Focus on a niche or area in which you are strong. In the simplest way, people today like to go to experts and not just to a person who has some knowledge in all kinds of fields. For example: if you are buying an apartment, you will go to a lawyer who specializes in real estate and not a lawyer in the traffic field. The same is true in your field, focus on the niche in your business that you are the best at and start with it.

Remember, your website, whether it’s a virtual store or an image website, is your business card online. It is important that the website conveys credibility and seriousness because people need to trust you to put their credit information on your website.